What events can we do online?

Online Event Ideas for Virtual Corporate Meetings Social Virtual Holiday Event Idea. Mentalism Show Virtual Magic.

What events can we do online?

Online Event Ideas for Virtual Corporate Meetings Social Virtual Holiday Event Idea. Mentalism Show Virtual Magic.

Virtual events

are fun online meetings that are usually held through video platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet. Ideas for virtual social events are specific ways you can use this time, for example, playing games or doing other activities.

The purpose of these events is to help build relationships and familiarity among attendees, which can result in better communication and work dynamics. Fast networking allows attendees to quickly establish individual connections. This can benefit professional organizations, chambers of commerce, or companies with large teams that don't know each other. Looking for fun ideas for virtual events to entertain your guests? Online cooking classes do just that.

You can take a pasta making class, discover French baking techniques or immerse yourself in New Orleans-inspired cuisine. Choose based on the interests of your guests or make it a surprise. Classes are live, interactive and fully online. Not only are they ideal for friendly meetings, but they are also fantastic online team building activities or ways to kick off a virtual dinner.

An improv comedy performance can be a fun way to attract attendees to online events. Improvisation is live and can be interactive, weaving themes from your event directly into the performance, making it personalized. Not sure what to do? Here are 21 virtual event ideas to get you started. Surveys and 26 questions are not new ideas for virtual events, but they are very effective in getting the audience to think about the content presented.

In fact, 81.8% of virtual event organizers use surveys to increase engagement. Surveys and Q&A force attendees to pay attention to each session. We all know that your basic goal is to maximize leads. But were you really maximizing them, even before COVID-19 hit the world? The idea of remote hiring can be overwhelming.

Finding the right candidates without meeting them in person? While this may sound quite alarming, several major organizations around the world find their best employees by increasing their reach and virtually getting to know their future employees. Virtual Job Fairs & Job fairs are particularly beneficial for companies that don't want to miss out on the opportunity when top talent is looking for work as they leave college. With that in mind, here are 37 ideas for virtual events to get inspired when planning your next online event. One of the best examples of virtual events is the Adobe Summit, which was one of the first major virtual events at the start of the pandemic.

Barbecues are the quintessential gathering of good weather, and there is no reason why these events should not have a virtual counterpart. The right virtual event platform, the right type of content, the best virtual engagement strategies: these are all crucial components to creating an effective (and enjoyable) virtual event. Fortunately, the evolution of the functions of event software and virtual event software have made it possible to organize unique online experiences that can align with your goals and event strategy. Virtual participation has been one of the biggest challenges for event professionals over the past two years, and as the industry moves more and more toward a combination of in-person and online options, it's essential to keep things fresh and exciting.

Just like at a dance party, a talent show is a virtual event idea that allows guests to sing, juggle, ride a unicycle or eat 50 hot dogs. Attendees had the opportunity to focus on a track or jump between them to design the experience they wanted to take from the event. In addition, by keeping content available, you can generate leads long after the event ends. As you brainstorm ideas for your next virtual event, consider how launching an engaging virtual experience requires creative thinking, rapid problem solving, and a comprehensive event management platform.

Shared experiences help employees bond, and watching special events together helps teammates find common ground. Learn more about how virtual can fit into your event strategy by downloading the Going Hybrid eBook, which includes tips and examples from leading brands. Using design elements to give your virtual event a unique look will help you differentiate it and will also serve to distinguish several spaces within the event platform. Canceling education fairs, open houses, and other networking events can be detrimental to the entire graduating class, alumni, and new applicants.

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