How do you make a virtual event more fun?

Create memories with the interactive virtual event platform. The classic Guess Who game is just as fun when you play it virtually.

How do you make a virtual event more fun?

Create memories with the interactive virtual event platform. The classic Guess Who game is just as fun when you play it virtually. With a little participation from your team, you can create an engaging game while also getting to know each other better. These are town halls, sales launches, company-wide events, trainings, department meetings and more.

For organizations that span countries, even continents, internal hybrid events are used to share a company-wide message when employees are not all gathered in the same place. While it would be fantastic to bring all employees to your organization's headquarters, it would be incredibly expensive and the programming required would be time-consuming. The next best option is to organize events that are partly in-person and partly virtual. Virtual team-building activities can work well in internal hybrid events.

Fast networking allows attendees to quickly establish individual connections. This can benefit professional organizations, chambers of commerce, or companies with large teams that don't know each other. Virtual Speed Dating introduces employees who may never have otherwise met and expands a remote employee's circle beyond the normal network. Just like an in-person event, virtual events benefit from the use of a complete event technology platform that helps you promote, execute and manage your event.

The perfect virtual event idea can help you increase engagement with remote team members, customers, and industry leaders. In this work-safe version of the popular TV show, participants are tasked with retelling the story of a dark historical event without consulting the Internet or any other reference. TV parties are events where party goers gather to watch a special broadcast, such as an awards show like the Oscars, a sporting event like the Super Bowl, or the season finale of a popular show like Game of Thrones. For a unique virtual event idea, gather all your friends or colleagues eager for coffee and learn how to prepare, roast and mix beans for the perfect cappuccino, latte, cut or espresso.

These are great virtual corporate social events because they provide the camaraderie and break room bonding that is often absent in remote work. Many virtual event platforms now offer this feature, so keep an eye on it when considering your options. I wouldn't keep attendees in their seats for more than two hours straight, and the same goes for virtual events. It's difficult to deliver the same value in external hybrid events, as in-person attendees can network more freely and easily interact with content than those who attend virtually.

Book a professional service that takes care of all the details (including organizing the event) or design your own trivia questions based on pop culture, movies, music or historical events. This example is one of the most engaging virtual social event ideas for large groups because the format allows distant colleagues to rub shoulders. However, larger virtual corporate events are often held in dedicated online spaces that can accommodate more guests and features. Salesforce's World Tour Sydney Reimagined virtual event prioritized the settings for its sessions, which were remarkably in line with the theme of the event's world tour, whether it was a beach, mountains, or cityscape.

This is a fun virtual event idea for a family reunion or a group of friends who haven't seen each other in a long time. Whether you're hosting a virtual conference, virtual meeting, or virtual event, there's a lot you can do with your virtual event solution. .