Virtual Event Ideas 2023?

Stand out from the crowd with the 20 best ideas for virtual events, including some online activities from brands like Forbes, Adobe and The New Yorker.

Virtual Event Ideas 2023?

Fast networking allows attendees to quickly establish individual connections. This can benefit professional organizations, chambers of commerce, or companies with large teams that don't know each other. Stand out from the crowd with the 20 best ideas for virtual events, including some online activities from brands like Forbes, Adobe and The New Yorker. Some virtual event ideas like social media scavenger hunts could kill two birds with one stone.

Get your attendees more involved with your brand and your company's social media presence, while offering fun competition for attendees. Organizing a virtual event is usually a challenging prospect for many, more specifically, for the unknown group. At the same time, it has now become the new norm, thanks to the global pandemic. Covid-19 has successfully generated countless negatives that many of us never imagine on a daily basis.

However, this pandemic has also revealed some bright spots of human resilience at the same time. The best ability to connect, bond and laugh together while experiencing joy with others through 100% virtual means is definitely one of those bright spots. In all history, virtual events have never been so normal. It may not be a surprising statistic, but it's important that you take advantage of it as soon as possible with unique ideas for virtual events.

We all know that content is king, but do you know who we call the queen? It's the delivery. There are a lot of ideas to consider in virtual events, especially for events with a lot of content. This is because the delivery must be 11 out of 10 in every possible way. You can get people to vote for a selection of movies and get everyone together for a movie night.

Watching the film at the same time, even if you are not physically together, is another creative idea for virtual events. Since going out to the movies is another prohibited activity due to COVID-19, a team movie night will satisfy the desire for a fun movie night with co-workers or friends. If you're looking for an easy way to play a trivia battle, you can use pre-built trivia games or create your own and use a tool that helps you rate score answers, such as Slides with Friends. In fact, Slides with Friends includes several automated trivia games.

If you want a simple and fast game to be part of your virtual event, Word Blurt is a fun option. A quick word association game, you can opt for picture or word prompts and have people “erase” the first word you can think of. Read more about Word Blurt (and find other short games to play) in our 5 Minute Team Building Activities article. For the lateral thinkers in your group, a set of increasingly difficult puzzles is a fantastic way to get your team to work together.

You can create your own puzzle deck using Words With Friends, use the puzzle slides with already created pictograms, or use a service such as 100 Point Challenge. Do you need to convince your boss that it's vital work? Virtual events increase team engagement and lessen many of the negative effects of remote work. According to a Gallup study, “The virtual team-building exercise leads to an increase in employee rate of return, claims 41% less absenteeism and 21% more profitability. We'll send you an email 1 to 2 times a month with new ideas and events ready to run.

Subscribe to stay ahead of the curve and keep your lessons, meetings and events fresh and engaging. Why not create games for attendees to relax a bit? There are tons to choose from. Virtual Pictionary, charades, running out of time, trivia, bingo, cartoon challenge, training sessions, etc. For a more relaxed experience, host lunch on a video chat platform, where you can also chat about ideas without a strict meeting format.

An experienced live event host will guide everyone in guided meditation exercises that refresh and relax the mind. Same-plumage bird sessions can be on any topic that makes sense based on your event and can also include speakers. Adding downloadable content is another useful feature for attendees to get the most out of your event. Below is a list of the most powerful participation tactics and virtual event ideas you can use to attract the attention of event attendees and ensure the success of your event.

Ideally, each speaker would be provided with an image to set as a background, which can be used as a branding opportunity or a way to further incorporate the theme of the event. One idea is to give your sponsors the opportunity to select what is included in attendees' gift bags, whether it's coupons or vouchers, a free trial of software, or an online course. If your event platform includes any type of chat or social media feature, consider enabling it before the event so attendees can start networking and introducing themselves. This allows attendees to easily meet people at an online event and has the added benefit of being quick and therefore more engaging.

Although the raffle isn't one of those simple ideas for virtual events where the prize is simply given to the attendee, there are some virtual gifts you can offer. They can also be virtual corporate events that help connect colleagues online while working remotely for long periods of time.